The Almaz programme

The Almaz programme was a military space programme of the Soviet Union. It was the first time that space capsules were launched into space and subsequently reused. Apart from the Space Shuttle, the Vozvrashchayemyi Apparat (VA) capsules of the Almaz programme have been the only space vehicles that were used more than once.

The Almaz programme consisted of three subsystems:

(1) The VA Spacecraft (11F74) with the VA Space Capsule as its main component, i.e. the capsule that is being auctioned,

(2) The Orbital Piloted Station (OPS) (11F71), the core module of the space station as a manned orbital station,

(3) The Functional Cargo Block (FGB) (11F77) as a transport vehicle to take supplies to
the station.

Video “Almaz History”

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