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On 7 May the Space Capsule of the type Vozvrashchayemyi Apparat (VA) will be auctioned at an estimated value of $1-2 million, together with two historic Sokol KV2 spacesuits (estimated value $80,000) at the newly opened Lempertz branch in Brussels. From the 26 April the VA can be viewed at the historic building on Rue du Grand Cerf.


The VA Space Capsule is probably the only spacecraft that entered space twice in its history. It formed part of the historic Soviet space programme, so that it also had its share in the technical development of the International Space Station (ISS).

In 1977 and 1978 the VA Space Capsule served on two Cosmos space missions under the Almaz programme, thus becoming the first spacecraft to be used more than once. The space capsule, which was intended to take supplies to space stations, stayed in space for over 30 days. VA Space Capsules were designed to transport up to three persons or three unattended heavy objects, such as large spy cameras.

This success was a major milestone, set by Soviet engineers in the race against the American space programme during the Cold War. The next stage in the programme was the first modular space station, Soyuz, which was visited by Sigmund Jähn as the first German astronaut in space.

However, as well as playing a major role in world politics and serving the scientific exploration of space by humans, the VA Space Capsule continued to be used for private and commercial spaceflights. Space capsules and space stations were subsequently bought by Excalibur Almaz and were used for taking private passengers into space.

Kunsthaus Lempertz is one of Europe’s leading art auction houses and the oldest family-owned auction house in the world. The history of this enterprise goes back to 1798. Its first international office was opened in New York in 1965 and was followed by further branches in Zürich and São Paulo. The office in Brussels was reopened in 1985. In Germany Lempertz has branches in Berlin and Munich, where auctions are held on a regular basis. Operating from its head office in Cologne, Lempertz expanded its operational business activities to the two most important cities in Europe – Berlin and Brussels.

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