The Best Casino in Lincoln California

For people who don’t know much about casinos or those who simply want to get the best out of their visits to casinos, then you must pay attention to Thunder Valley Casino Lincoln California. I won’t be talking about its services and how many tables you can find there but instead, I’ll be sharing a little bit of my experience with the place.

thunder valley casino lincoln california

When I was planning to visit this casino, I thought it would be a dream come true. My thoughts were that I would have the time of my life. To my surprise, I found out how wrong my expectations were.

First of all, I must say that the company is very courteous and kind-hearted. They welcomed me at the casino itself, from the caterer who took care of the food, to the tables and waiters. There were even two tables available for me and my companions, who were all fans of the Thunder Valley Casino in Vegas. I was even given a table near the entrance of the casino for us to sit and chat.

When it comes to playing, you have a choice between playing in the video poker area or the slot area. For me, I was surprised when I first heard about slot games in Thunder Valley and how they are more popular than the video poker area. Although my friends had been enjoying the video poker area, my interest in them was being taken by the slots.

I learned that you can play even without a table, if you have an empty deck. It seems that they offer this special casino package for their VIP customers. However, once I reached the table I reserved, I found out that it was full.

I went into the casino and found out that they actually allow players to play both video poker and slots at the same time. As a matter of fact, some players had been reporting that their hands had been “stuck” as a result of this facility.

My next surprise was when I discovered that they had not made the best use of the large gaming area within the casino. My opinion of this casino changed because of this.

I would definitely recommend the Thunder Valley Casino to anyone who wants to have fun. I have never had such fun in my entire life. If you want to have fun in a place where you can relax without being bothered by others, then go ahead and do so.