Thunder Valley Casino Bus

thunder valley casino bus

Thunder Valley Casino Bus

Like many other classic yellow buses, the Thunder Valley Casino Bus is the pride of this area. Built in 1957 to celebrate the light rail system, it is highly mobile. The train by the side of the road provides it a good view of town and the former cargo facility.

According to people, the Thunder Valley casino bus was not only a lightning rod for controversy but also a symbol of the pride of the Alaskan Native culture. Its popularity has not waned since its inception and even though it was later replaced by the later, more durable, and longer lasting intercity yellow bus, the casino bus is still a one of a kind.

Its construction cost was kept to a minimum, meaning that the casino bus never needed too much upgrades. It has been around for more than fifty years and still sees a lot of use today.

More than anything, the Thunder Valley Casino Bus was known for its rustic appearance. Its yellow paint gives the bus a touch of rugged and rustic hospitality. The bus was also typically equipped with a two driver’s cab.

Though a bit older than the other yellow buses, the casino bus has remained in good shape. Parts for the bus have not only been affordable but also easy to replace. Even though they have not been updated much, parts for the bus are still available.

Since the casino bus’s arrival in its new home, many changes have been made. Some of the more dramatic changes include the addition of extra seating for an event and a faster service.

Whatever the changes, the casino bus is still an important symbol of the town and the struggles faced in the past. It is still an appropriate vehicle to welcome passengers from across the county.